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Here at Blackmill doors we can create a door made to measure to meet your individual requirements.

Standard size doors will often not fit in older houses, which often have a surprising variety of different door frame sizes.

Our standard door Victorian 4 panel & 6 panel doors are available in a number of finishes.

To measure up for a replacement door you should make your measurements in millimetres. Measure the frame the door will fit in, from top to bottom on both sides. If there is a difference, make note of the longest side.
This will be the height of your made to measure door.

Then measure horizontally across the top and bottom of the door frame. Again, if there is a difference use the widest measurement.
This will be the width of your door.
We can then make a door to your specific measurements.
Whoever fits the door should be able to plane the door to fit your door frame.

Stained & waxed 4 panel Natural 4 panel with beading Natural 6 panel without beading Half glazed 4 panel